Small Stuff PrintMini

1 Inch Scale (1:12 Scale) Printables

All printables marked with an asterisk also have black and white patterns in the Patterns section.

*Hobby Rulers

Full Sized Scale Rulers

Art, Posters, and Photos

Paintings: 20th Century
Paintings: The Masters
Movie Posters: Troy and Raiders of the Lost Ark
Movie Posters: The Lord of the Rings
Movie Posters: The Matrix
Movie Posters: Harry Potter
Movie Posters: Spider-man
Movie Posters: Star Wars I and II
Movie Posters: Titanic
Movie Posters: X-Men
Photographs (1900s)
Antique Stereoscope Cards
Photographs (Tin Type 1800s)
Maps (Modern)
Maps (Antique)
Pirate Treasure Map
Petersen Reproductions (Victorian Documents)
Movie Posters
Lindbergh Baby Poster

Books and Magazines

Leather Bound Books
Magazine Holder
Antique Book (Donated by Sherry Nix)
Baby Books
Newspapers (Front Page Only)
Blue Ridge Chronicle

Camping and Outdoors

Ice Box Cooler
Picnic Basket
Paper Plates
Picnic Table Cloth

Crafts and Toys

Crayons, Pencil, and Marker Boxes
Sewing Pattern
Origami Paper and Case
Toy Barn
Dollhouse (Donated by Kathryn McCullough)

Furniture and Appliances

Central Air Unit
Welcome Mats
Light Switch Plates
Microwave (less ink)
Air Registers
Baby Frames
Cash Register
Alarm Radio
Mini Fridge
Microwave (wood grain)
Computer Inkjet Printer
Antique Radio
Stereo Main Speakers
Stereo Surround Sound Speakers
Tissue Box*
Tissue Box Pattern
DVR/Satellite/Cable Box
Washer or Dryer
Microwave (white)
Globe with Borders
Globe with Land Features
Rural Mailbox (Donated by Myron Kopytko)
Lamp Shades (Stain Glass)*
Lamp Shade (4 sided) Pattern
Lamp Shade (4 sided) Pattern Two
Japanese Lanterns
Lamp Shades (Gold)*
Lamp Shades (Round) Pattern
Computer Laptop (simplified version)
Computer Laptop (complicated version)
Computer Laptop (complex version) Donated by Dean Strachan
Computer Laptop (simplified version) Donated by Dean Strachan
Computer Screen Shots
Army Trunk
Trunk (Victorian)*
Trunk Liner One
Trunk Liner Two
Trunk Pattern

Gran's Victorian Minis

Gran's Barn (large)
Gran's Barn (small)
Gran's Dollhouse (large)
Gran's Dollhouse (small)
Grandfather Clock
Hatbox (Black)
Hatbox (Pink/Purple)
Toy Chest
Index Card Boxes
Gran's Log Cabin (large)
Gran's Log Cabin (small)
Tube Boxes


Halloween House (Donated by Barb Carel)
Halloween bags and plates (Donated by Barb Carel)
Bag Pattern
Holiday Presents and Ribbons (Larger)
Holiday Presents and Ribbons (Smaller)
Card Envelopes
Halloween Bags* (Donated by Gillian Russel)
Halloween Bags*
Halloween Bats
Halloween Skeletons
Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa Cards
Victorian Christmas Post Cards
Artificial Christmas Tree Box
Vintage Wedding Cards (Donated by Suzy Thomas)
Wrapping Paper
Christmas Bags* & Tablecloth (Donated by Barb Carel)
Christmas Mailbox (Donated by Myron Kopytko)
Misc. Cards (Donated by Jen West)
Corsage Box (donut box pattern)
Misc. Cards (Donated by Marty Woosley)
Christmas Wreaths

Special Requests

Earl's List
Leather Desk Top

Identification and Money

Money: Modern Canadian and Australian Bills
Money: Euro Bills
Money: Modern US Bills
Money: "Victorian" Era US Bills
Money: Modern non US Bills
Law Enforcement Badges
Passports (with Barbie photo)
Passports (with Gene photo)

Kitchen, Garden, and Medicine

Cake/Pie Box
Candy Box
Cereal Boxes
Paper Plates
Picnic Table Cloth
Canister Labels
Can Labels (Modern)
Donut Box*
Donut Box Pattern
Can Labels (Old)
Match Boxes
Jana's Antique Kitchen Boxes
Canning Jar Labels
Pizza Boxes*
Pizza Boxes Pattern
Seed Packets
Takeout Boxes*
Takeout Boxes Pattern
Greenhouse Trays (Donated by Elizabeth Vose)
Round Cake Tops (Page One) (Donated by Elizabeth Vose)
Round Cake Tops (Page Two) (Donated by Elizabeth Vose)
Sheet Cakes (Donated by Elizabeth Vose)


Camouflage Patterns
K-Ration Boxes
Army Trunk
WWII Era Posters page 1
WWII Era Posters page 2
WWII Era Pin_up Girls

Music and Games

Board Games Boxes
Board Games
Playing Cards
Piano Keyboards
Sheet Music
Jigsaw Puzzles (mostly assembled)
Jigsaw Puzzles (mostly unassembled)
Tarot Cards

Office Supplies

Cigar Boxes (Donated by Bob Santos )
File Box*
File Box Pattern
File Box and Lid (donated by Brynda White)
Diplomas and Certifications
Index Card Boxes
Check Supplies
Cigarette Boxes
Computer Paper and Labels
Floppy Disks (Donated by Gillian Russell)
Legal Documents
File Folders (Pattern)
Certificates of Achievement
Index Cards
Ink Cartridge Box
Blueprints and Schematics
Paper Pads and Cover Sheets (Donated by Rita Pierce)
Yardsticks and Rulers
Storage Box

Rugs and Quilts

Cream Rug (Donated by Francine Seifert)
Blue Rug (Donated by Francine Seifert)
Paul's Rugs
Ornate Rug
Black Rug
Round and Oval Rugs
Tiger Skin
Zebra Skin
Tan Rug (Donated by Francine Seifert)


Warning Signs
Road Signs (Stop, Do Not Enter, etc.) Full Sized
Road Signs (Stop, Do Not Enter, etc.) Decorative
Eye Charts
Old Fashioned Ice Sign
Business Signs (For Sale, Open/Closed, Keep Out, etc.)
Motel Signs
Road Signs (Speed Limit) Full Sized
Road Signs (Speed Limit) Decorative

Stained Glass

Door Inserts
Tiffany: Autumn
Tiffany: Oyster Bay
Window Toppers
Mike Steeves' Sun Catchers

Wallpaper and Flooring

Wallpaper Borders
Concrete Cinder Blocks
Wood Flooring
Wallpaper Donated By Small Stuff
Wallpaper (Solid Colors)


Cake/Pie Box
File Box
Hat Box Pattern
Shoe Boxes
Tissue Box
Donut Box
Pizza Boxes
Takeout Boxes
Lamp Shades (4 Sided)
Lamp Shades (4 Sided for paper with patterns)
Lamp Shades (Round)
File Folders