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We love to see what you're doing with our printables. If you'd like to share your photos with us, please contact us with your email address. We'll reply with instructions on where to send attachments. Here are some of our favorites.

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Bill contacted us, saying "I am making a 1/12th scale kneehole desk and am looking for a printable green leather insert". We made one which he printed, and went over the gold line with a pen to sharpen it up a little. Nice results, Bill! Click here to print your own "leather" desk top



Chris did an amazing job with her printed washer and dryer. She says, "I printed it on photo paper becasue it's shiney like real appliances. I also cut out the door and made the insides from another printie I had from another project. I used a Tide box for my roombox."

We're really impressed with Denby's tag art using our printables. It's neat to see them being used for something other than miniatures.
These photos include maps and passports.
Virginia Wigmore

Virginia makes and sells small boxes with different themes, like "Old time country store," "flower shop" and a "child's Christmas." She uses the printable wallpaper, borders and flooring as backgrounds.
Vicki Clanton
Here is a photo of a bedroom from Vicki's great dollhouse. Think you've found the printable?

Think again. It's the rug under the bed.

Gisèle Nadeau
See the Victorian trunk at the foot of the bed? Gisèle took some of the wallpaper and covered the insides. Great idea, Gisèle.
Mirta Fitzgerald
Roberta Pijper sent in this photo from the DAME (Durban Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) show. It includes newspapers, wrapping paper, flooring, and a few other printables.
Donna Worth
Donna made both of these great creations from our trunks. Jim couldn't see his trunk in the Egyptian version, so he asked her about it. Here's what she said:

"I imported the trunk into Paint Shop Pro and did a lot of fiddling around! I only needed the bottom half of the trunk so I used the cut out tool to perform surgery. I printed the trunk onto watercolor paper for sturdiness. I also lined the trunk with more watercolor paper to make the inside attractive and to make the box real sturdy. The top cover of the box is numerous pieces of watercolor paper glued together. The underside of the lid has three pieces of paper the size of the opening glued together and then to the large top piece and this makes the top fit tightly to the box. All the paper was coated with Fimo varnish that had gold PearlX mixed in."
Kelli Brown
Kelli says, "I made my own mini room with a lot of your miniatures and some that I have been able to find on other pages. And I made this computer stand completely out of paper, a pattern I made on my computer and printed out. It was my first attempt to make a printable mini."
Colleen Kelly Spengler
Colleen says, "I modified your pizza box to make Kelly doll scaled and Barbie scaled Krispy Kreme boxes and put wooden doughnuts inside for a Lil survivor online game I am running." Be sure to check out all the pics at Lil Survivors.