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Enter the original size in either English or Metric units. Pick the original scale and the scale to convert to. Then press "Calculate." The answer will be shown in both English and Metric units. You must have a Javascript-enabled browser for this to work. Just about any newer web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) will automatically include Javascript. If the calculator doesn't work for you now, you'll want to download a newer version of your web browser.

Take this measurement
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and convert them to

Show English units answer as

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or (unrounded):

Thor Sheil of All Gauge Model Railroading, The Milihistirot Quarterely, and The Army Men Homepage helped straighten out the scale list to more correctly represent some of the other hobby scales.

New feature!

By popular request, you can now use this calculator without being online! All you have to do is save this page. For example, in Internet Explorer, click on File in the menu, Save As, pick the place to save it as "Web Page, complete." You will then be able to go to where ever you saved it, open that page and use the calculator without being online.