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Printing to Fabric

There are at least three methods to print to fabric using your computers' printer. My favorite is using iron-on transfers available at many computer and office supply stores. I also understand you can buy cloth sheets with special peel-off backing made especially for printers. I've heard true do-it-yourselfers suggest the following method, but use it at your own risk-- it sounds like it might be hard on printers. Take any piece of freezer paper and cut it to a little larger than a sheet of paper. Iron it to any light colored cloth, putting the shiny side of the paper to the fabric. Then trim to paper size. It's important to trim it last to keep the edges from separating. The freezer paper allows the cloth to be stiff enough to pass through the printer and is easy to remove once you're done.

To Make the Color More Permanent

After printing, let them dry and cure for several hours, then iron with dry iron as hot as your fabric will take. Next, spray with two coats of fixatif, drying and pressing in-between. Don't remove freezer paper until all the pressing and spraying is complete. This makes it much easier to handle and keep square.

Auralea Krieger Rug Printing Tutorial

Auralea Krieger rug

There is a wonderful tutorial graciously shared with us by Auralea Krieger. Check out her wonderful blog, full of inspiration!