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What Are Printables?

Our definition of a printable is something that's ready to print from your web browser. You shouldn't need to change its scale, or come up with some method of repeating it: just click your print button.

This is a bit difficult at times as all printers are not identical, but we've found that 100 computer pixels closely approximates a printed inch. Don't be alarmed that it looks bigger on the screen. An inch that is nearly two inches on a screen still prints correctly.

Every page includes an inch ruler-- just measure it after you've printed to check how close you came to what we intended.

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What Paper Should I Use?

There are various weights of printer papers out there. If you use something heavy (like card stock), you may need to lightly score it at the fold lines so you can make a clean fold. Pick a smooth stock, so the detail will show. Depending on what you are printing, shiny photo print paper can be appropriate - like for the washer and dryer. In some cases, you may want to print on colored paper. Experiment!

Basic Printing Instructions

First, click on the link on the left side for the scale you want. Then you will get a page with links to the printies in that scale. Click on the ones you want. Some printies can be printed by clicking on the picture (you will see a hand if you mouse over the image in these cases) and then clicking the print link in your browser program. Other printies are not linked to open alone like that. In those cases, you can either print the whole page of printies - or right click (on a Mac hold down the control button while you click) on the ones you want, save them to your computer, open them from your computer and print them from there. If you need a lot of one image (like a house full of light switch plates), then create a Word document and paste the image over and over to fill the page with it.